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This story is about  a girl Catalina Martin. Who is from Spain and now is living and earning in New York. She works in Intech company. She is single for many years after her breakup with Daniel  with whom she had a tragic story line. Her best friend Rosie is a real supporter of her. She is always there whenever she needs her. Aaron Blackford her colleague whom she doesn’t like that much or she just thinks like that . Her sister is getting married and she lied to her family that she has a boyfriend in New York .There is a reason behind that lie . So she is confused because she does not have a boyfriend. She also promised her family that she will bring her boyfriend to the marriage .Now she has to arrange a fake boyfriend for her sister’s wedding. In the beginning the story revolves around this topic. But at the end it’s a happy ending.

Story is well written . The language used is simple. There are some Spanish phrases used but they are translated there themselves. All over it’s a soothing story. Book lovers will definitely love this romance novel.

I personally didn’t find anything negative about the novel. It was well written and edited. 

Recommended for 16+ audience. I would give it four out of four stars as it had everything that a novel should have fun, romance, love and care. 

Personally I really liked the story. Storyline was beautifully built up. I purchased it because I saw so many videos of people talking about this book. But to be honest it was worth the hype . 


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