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My little pumpkin ❤️

After years of journey 
My little baby left me
My baby with four paws
And a cute nose

I am not feeling sad
I am fine..
It's just your memories
Are hurting me

I still can't believe you are gone
And will not return never
I am avoiding the pain

I still feel you are alive
And will come back to me
Asking for food
Or for going out

I am sorry
If I didn't loved you enough
Or cared for you much
But believe me
It devastated me seeing you in pain
You were always my priority
But I lacked a lot
I am sorry for every pain I caused you
And I am happy that you were in my life
For so many years

I can't express it more
Neither I have words for
My little baby
You will always
Be in my heart.

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