Am awake all the night ,
thinking about my life.

Am restless and wanna fight,
but couldn't get the guts to survive .

Hoped for better , hoped for light ,
guess am not alright.

Jumping from the subjects
like jumping from a plane 

Thinking about it , thinking around it 
and processing all these , hoping one day 
miracle will happen and I will fight it .

Am not weak it's just am not doing it right 
need to focus it 
need to face it 
and need to love to do it .

Wishing for a wishing well 
so my wish come true 
wishing for a happy life 
so my dream come true 

little happiness

My little happiness
lies in very small small things 
for some they are just nothing 
but for me they are everything...

when I was small
I find my happiness in eating fruits
that seasonal fruits 
now my happiness lies 
in shining stars , full moon 
new season
new flower pot 

because I don't need more from my life
I just need petty things stick by my side...